Jul 14, 2019
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5G in Trucking: What It Will Do

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As 5G edges closer to becoming a reality, businesses in every sector have started to prepare themselves for the new system. The transportation industry is not an island unto itself, and it will also experience some significant changes as 5G takes effect. 

Bringing the Internet to American Highways

Most of your modern cars and even semi-trucks today have some form of Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows passengers to use the Wi-Fi while onboard with a 4G LTE connection. When everyone in the car uses it, the network may lag and load apps more slowly. That’s where the newest 5G comes in. Internet speeds and bandwidth will increase, and during your off time while in the truck, you could watch a Netflix show without the dreaded slowdown. 

How It Benefits Truck Drivers

“That’s great,” you say, “But how will this benefit me as a truck driver?” As more of the web seeps into your semi truck, you will be able to monitor the health of your truck, connect to media, and it may help with relaying more information to trucking companies so that they can improve their profit picture. The roads, highways, and city infrastructure could see a massive upgrade from the new system of technology that comes into play. This could bring autonomous driving to us more quickly than ever before. 

Most major carriers that have already announced plans for this include:

This will kick off Smart City Infrastructure, which will drive new services and into being. This could become a massive opportunity over the next to five to 10 years as truckers will help to deliver on demand and keep things on schedule. 

No More Traffic Jams?

Having a 5G network looking over the highways could help you to eliminate traffic jams. This will happen through learning information about cars from cars off in the distance. When you know where a traffic jam has stopped the flow of vehicles, you can avoid it because your visual range will be much farther ahead. As a result, you can get to your delivery destination on time faster, and it can keep up with the growing demand for America’s infrastructure. Imagine getting finished with your route sooner so that you don’t have to deal with an angry customer. Just having access to this information will have great importance. 

Better Safety for Truck Drivers

Access to a 5G network will also bring about greater safety on America’s highways. Drivers will have better communication with their fleets, and if an emergency arises, they will have a faster response time. During an emergency, real-time notifications will come into effect. You will be able to reroute your trip ahead if a huge accident has occurred that is slowing down the traffic. This rerouting happens quickly, and it keeps you on schedule. V21 communications will pass from one vehicle over into the next, and this will make it much easier to understand the cars on the road and what is happening at all times. 

Traffic Lights Become More Flexible

Have you ever been stuck at a ridiculously long traffic light? The traffic doesn’t seem to reflect the length of time spent waiting at the light. With the 5G network, traffic lights will adjust automatically to minimize the wait times surrounding them. This helps you to avoid unnecessary delays, and a convoy of trucks could form to allow for mini-communications among each other, which could be a lot of fun. 

Staying Alert on the Highway

One of the biggest concerns for truckers comes from road safety, and you can improve road safety by a lot when you have more awareness of everything unfolding on the highway. 5G promises lower latency, more data throughput, and higher reliability on the road. Much of this stuff will run on a 5G network, and the intention is to help with improving America’s road infrastructure. Our imagination will only limit the possibilities of what is possible. 5G will allow for better vehicle-to-vehicle communication, which will help us to press forward with autonomous vehicles. As a truck driving, keeping awareness of what’s on the road can mean the difference between life and death. You have to stay alert to all of the potential dangers that can happen while on the road. 

How 5G Will Progress

First, the vehicles will communicate with their environment. You will get immediate updates so that you can stay alert to the possibility of dangers on the road. Next, vehicles will begin to supply data over to the environment, and they will communicate with each other so that they can improve safety on the highway. Through this system, human driving skills will improve drastically. 5G puts one foot in the direction of autonomous vehicles. However, truck drivers shouldn’t worry too much about autonomous driving because of how this technology is still a long ways off. Not to mention, it would be dangerous to leave a 40,000 to 80,000-pound semi-truck unmanned because of the potential for crashes. Humans still have more flexibility in thinking than machines, and this is part of what has made them an excellent choice for monitoring the autonomous vehicle. While a truck driver’s role at his job may change somewhat, it will most likely remain the same in other ways. 

The Internet of Things

The internet of things is a concept that all technology in the future will be connected, and this will lead to further innovations. For example, imagine turning on your truck from your smartphone. You will have many significant changes, but 5G will help the internet of things to reach its fullest potential. Through the Internet of Things, we will be flooded with data that we can use as a way of improving the ways that we conduct business. This technology has been spreading into factories and warehouses, which are both places that trucks will deliver goods and ship goods. We might see chips and product tags installed on trailers, which will allow for better tracking of the freight so that customers have a better estimated time of delivery, and they can learn if a driver will be late.

Where Else 5G Will Play a Role in Trucking

You have a couple of other vital areas where you will see trucking change because of 5G. Trucking companies will soon have the ability to monitor and track freight on a remote basis. This will lead to us getting smarter, and freight hauling will become increasingly efficient. 

5G in trucking will come with tremendous benefits that will change the way that things work. It’s one of the trucking trends that we can expect to have significant implications, and it will set shockwaves throughout the industry as it helps to revolutionize trucking up to the next level. The one thing that we can expect in the future is that there will be many surprises.

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