Jul 5, 2019
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New Truck Driving Law Will Help to Fight Human Trafficking

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Based on new legislation coming out, any person who decides to get their CDL in the future could first have to go through training that will help them recognize some of the signs of human trafficking. When truckers stop at any rest stop or truck stop, many of them don’t even realize how the individuals asking sex for money could potentially be victims of trafficking. Many times even over the CB radio you will hear them asking truckers for sex, and this is why many individuals in this profession could soon have to undertake training to spot some of the signs of trafficking.

Human sex trafficking has become an intimidating challenge to law enforcement, and on a global scale, 40 million people have become victims. Truckers could prove a crucial link in helping to fight it because of how these victims get moved across 4.1 million miles of American roads. Through the help of 3.5 million truckers, they soon keep up with this problem and bring it under a tight grip.

Logging thousands of miles each year, truckers see a lot that most people don’t. If we were to train and educate them, they could prove a powerful weapon against this problem. Some corporate trucking companies have even hopped on board with helping to fight this battle.

You have a few crucial signs that could mean trafficking is taking place in the area. Be alert, here are some of the signs:

  • Out of Place Vehicles
  • Victims unable to speak for themselves
  • CB Chatter on “Buyer Location” or “Commercial Company”
  • Tattoos and branding
  • No control of personal possessions

Don’t Ignore Cries for Help.

You should never ignore cries for help. However, you may not feel sure how to respond to it either. If you ever spot a victim of trafficking, you can call 1-888-373-7888 a trafficking hotline. This is done anonymously, and they can respond in over 200 languages. It’s better to make the call and be wrong than not to make the call and miss a real victim.

Across the nation, this new training is hoped to help with combating trafficking. In Nebraska alone, 900 people get purchased for sex every month. This is only a single state. What about the 49 other states? 79% of the individuals trapped in trafficking display at least one sign or more of being victims of this crime against humanity. Whenever someone is being forced into something whether for sex or human labor, they don’t get a say in it and usually involves threats of violence. This is considered a form of trafficking. Truckers have been equipped with the knowledge for how to spot these signs and what to do if they encounter it. To find and track down the victims becomes another vital task, and truckers can help with this task.

More Officers and Truckers Being Trained

If more officers and truckers were trained to help with spotting some of the danger signs, they could help to lower the amount of trafficking. At weigh stations and scale houses truckers have been getting pamphlets on trafficking and learned the symptoms so that they can spearhead this problem at the forefront and report it at the first sign. Meanwhile, all officers are being trained to spot the signs of those caught in trafficking. The more that can be done means more victims can be recovered, and the more that they can bring human traffickers to justice.

Alabama Mandates Trafficking Training in CDL Schools

Alabama has only been the latest state to follow suit in using a curriculum to help truck drivers spot the signs of trafficking. This is the 11th state that has passed this law that will train truckers on how to spot the signs. The law in Alabama will go into effect on January 1, 2020. It’s a great thing that the next generation of drivers will receive training that can help them to spot the signs of trafficking and put a stop to it. This horrific crime has turned people into prostitutes who never intended to be them. When people think of prostitutes, most of the time, they think of willing participants, but sometimes, these people are the victims of trafficking. The hope is that through this new truck driving law, drivers will help the police to resolve crimes of trafficking.

The Second Largest Criminal Industry in the World

Ranking as the second largest criminal industry next to illegal drug distribution, this industry earns an estimated $150 billion every year. To end this problem, it will require the concerted efforts of many people. Even some of the biggest tech companies in the world have gotten involved, including Amazon, Microsoft, BT, Vodafone, and Nokia. Through a collaborative effort, we will be able to eliminate this problem. You have more than 200 different apps that have been developed in an attempt to address the problem and identify the victims and the criminals of the case.

Some of the tools being used include:

  • Facial recognition
  • Blockchain technology
  • Artificial intelligence

Learning how to spot the signs becomes the first step in the battle against this problem. Once it becomes easier to recognize, you can report potential victims. Forced labor has become one of the most significant issues in factory work, fisheries, construction, and agriculture. Truckers can make use out of apps like the Safe Car Wash App. Traffickers look for the vulnerable at schools, on the internet, and near shopping malls. Many times the victims will be taken from these areas, and they will be taken to motels and truck stops in search of potential customers.

Truckers Against Trafficking is another app intended to help truckers spot the red flags. For example, them not being able to speak for themselves, not possessing ID and having a tattoo or branding on the neck. The app also directs individuals on the measures that they can take. For example, get the features of the person and the license plate and vehicle that they’re in. It is advised that you never approach a trafficker because these are dangerous individuals who belong in prison. Bringing greater awareness of how to respond to a situation like this can help. Many times, traffickers will also use bus stations as a way of transporting victims.

Truckers Against Trafficking

First founded in 2009, Truckers Against Trafficking, teaches truckers how to spot the potential victims. For over ten years, they have been training people to combat this problem. Because of the nature of their work, the lives of truckers could, at some point, intersect with the victims of trafficking. Learning how to spot suspicious activity becomes a part of it.

Trafficking in humans has become a growing problem in the United States that needs to be dealt with. This is a dark topic, but you have many people willing to help the victims of it. Since Truckers Against Trafficking first began, over 700,000 truckers have undergone the necessary training to spot the signs.

Now more than 600 cases have been opened because of anonymous tips from the men of the road. Also, over 1,100 victims were identified. Through this training, people will be able to solve the problem better than what they could before.

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