Apr 21, 2019
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Keeping Fit While On The Road

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Jason, a truck driver, working for a multinational logistics company, set off on his usual trip to Canada from Boston carrying loads of electronics. After the first three days of the journey, he experienced constant pain on both his knees and by the end of the week, developed severe pain. Eventually, he had to seek medical help where the physician treating him indicated that the condition was due to not stretching his legs or getting exercise for the entire duration of the drive.

There are many people like Jason who fail to stretch their body or get exercise due to their nature of work. People working at the front desk, in front of computers or other jobs that require continuous sitting like truck driving or traveling to far away places are inevitably predisposed to body pain and other health conditions. Wouldn’t it be much easier to find out ahead of time what you can do to eliminate this situation, especially if you are on the road? The good news is that there are many ways of doing just that!

Moderate Exercise With Inexpensive Equipment

Keeping fit on the road doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of exercise options that you can incorporate into your traveling schedule anywhere and anytime. These ways are both creative and will keep you active during the entire length of the journey as well. Many fitness enthusiasts take a keen interest in keeping themselves healthy.

Typically, the exercise regimen should consist of a series of stretching designed to make your muscles and joints flexible. In an in-house setting like a gym, most of these exercises can be performed with ease. In the absence of the gym, you can take a few fitness equipment gadgets along with you. This equipment does not cost a lot and doesn’t take much space to weigh you down. One such equipment is resistance bands. They are lightweight, come in many sizes and colors and are alternative to carrying weights.

Another item to consider for your exercise regimen while on the road is yoga mat. Yoga offers a lot of benefits for travelers, from keeping them focused on the road to helping them get good sleep at night. You never know what kind of environment you will be exposed to when you are traveling to new places. Your back and neck might ache due to truck driving; a mild body ache may lead to other severe health conditions, and yoga has been proven to be beneficial for such pains.

Foam rollers and trigger point balls can be used for exercise as well. Small sized foam rollers are both inexpensive and easy to carry. Many other activities can significantly reduce the likelihood of the consequences of an inactive lifestyle during travel.

Hiking, taking stairs instead of elevators, walking short distances, parking your car far away from the sightseeing location – all provide some exercise to your body. Studies suggest that the benefits of moderate exercise outweigh the risks of not exercising at all, and so many therapists and fitness trainers recommend stretching while on the go.

Know Your Stay

A great way to incorporate exercise into your travel is to know where you are staying at the destination and making sure the place has or is nearby to a gym. You can also find out about areas such as:

  • local swimming pools
  • sport centers
  • climbing walls
  • Skating arena

And add one or more of these places to your list of activities. Also remember that poor postures while traveling on the road can place an excessive burden on your muscles, ligaments, and joints. Even if you have traveled a long distance before and know what to look for, the abnormal stresses inside the vehicle can wear you down. Therefore, it is vital to correct any imperfection in the way you sit that might lead to strain or injuries later.

Be sure to relax and have a healthy posture throughout the journey as much as possible. Wear comfortable clothing, according to the temperature outside and try not to arch your neck or back. Your clothing selection should be done wisely. The perfect cloth type can prevent heat loss in cold weather when you are hiking or jogging. While swimming, use snug fitting neoprene wet suit if the temperature is cold. There may be occasions where you want to lose heat in the body rather than retain it. If this is the case, wear loose fitting clothes made from natural breathable fabrics like cotton. The type of clothing you choose is an important consideration to prevent tripping or falling as well.

Learn To Connect

If you can connect to the internet, use exercise videos to start your exercise routine. Decide what type of exercise interests you and choose one that you can do without much effort. Many workouts are meant for travelers on Youtube, take advantage of those videos. The more specific you are about your needs, the more likely that you will find a regimen best suited for you.

All in all, traveling is not just about enjoying food and visiting museums but keeping yourself active throughout the whole trip.

Where to Workout

Staying fit and working out with “driver safe” exercises is the best way to stay fit. Alternately there are gym’s across the US that have “traveling memberships” below are a few:

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