Oct 30, 2020
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Why Life is Good as a Truck Driver 2021

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Life is Good as a Truck Driver

Do you loathe the idea of spending your career behind a desk, pushing papers? That doesn’t have to be the case, as there’s a high-paying field that’s always in-demand and which lets you travel while you work. Truck driving comes with its challenges, such as long hours and unpredictable conditions. However, if you have enough stamina and are a great driver, this could be the career for you. These are some of the best parts of being a truck driver.


Truck drivers get to travel thousands of miles for their deliveries. This is great for people who are concerned about mundanity. There are different regions you can see and landscapes to appreciate. While you’ll spend much of your time on the interstate, there are subtle differences to appreciate among various places.

You can notice a lot of these differences upon your stops. At different truck stops, you’ll find various local delicacies and reminders of where you are. If you’re driving through the south, you could find some great grits. Up in New England, you could get some delicious seafood. 

Plus, there are so many great sites you can encounter just by driving past them. You can make an itinerary of roadside attractions you want to see on different trips. Plus, you can knock items like the Brooklyn Bridge off your sightseeing bucket list while getting paid for the experience.

Peace of Mind

There’s no question that truck driving can be stressful. Truck driver recruiting is continuously high because it takes a unique mind to make this a career. If that’s you, you might find this is the career you need to get away from stress.

Have you ever gone for a drive after an argument or other unpleasant experience and found it helped out? There’s something therapeutic about being behind the wheel and having one task to focus on. When you’re on an empty highway during twilight, you might feel like you’re completely at peace.

There will be traffic jams, issues with vendors and retailers, and other nuisances. You’ll also need to make sure you’re always attentive behind the wheel. But attention and relaxation can coexist. Plus, it’s a lot better than being stuck in a cubicle, dealing with chatty coworkers.

Sense of Accomplishment

In too many jobs, it can feel like your efforts aren’t adding up to anything. Sure, you’re getting paid, but there’s a lack of long-term satisfaction. With truck driving, it’s different.

After driving 3,000 miles over many days, getting that shipment in feels like chugging a glass of water after crawling through the desert, you have a clear goal set out for yourself, and you meet it.

Just think of how good it feels to get things accomplished, whether at work or around the house. Truck driving lets you do that regularly. You’re also providing an essential service for your clients and other people, which shows just how much value you have.


On average, truck drivers in the U.S. earn more than $60,000 annually. It’s not nearly as high for beginning drivers, but when you consider how much cheaper and faster it is to get certified compared to getting a college degree, that’s not a huge issue. Besides the salary, truck drivers have other things to enjoy.

With healthcare benefits, 401k, and paid vacation standards for truck drivers, this is a career that rewards its workers. The further you go in your career, the more you can expect to earn. It all depends on your endurance abilities.

If you’re ever feeling frustrated, especially as a novice truck driver, think about how much your persistence will pay off. There’s no perfect career, but truck driving has far more pros than cons. It’s a career that can take care of you and make you better able to face other challenges.

Meet New People

There’s a lot of talk about loneliness faced by truck drivers. Being alone on the highway for days at a time can feel isolating. However, there are ways to enjoy the truck driving life without being completely cut off from others.

At truck stops like roadside dinners, you can get to know your fellow drivers and others in the area, whether they’re locals or also passing through. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of communities for truck drivers to socialize. These can be a great place to blow off steam and learn more about what it takes to succeed as a truck driver.

Your relationships back home don’t have to suffer when you’re a truck driver. Decades ago, when the most reliable source of communicating was a payphone, it might’ve been a lot harder. However, smartphones with things like video chat make it a lot easier to reach your loved ones. 

Quality Training

Driving an 18-wheel truck isn’t the easiest thing to do, but if you have good driving fundamentals and can take guidance, you can get your CDL in a matter of weeks. The best truckers can point to high-quality training as helping them be great.

Good training isn’t just about teaching you how to drive a truck. It shows you how to be the best possible truck driver. You need to know how to handle yourself behind the wheel and ensure that every trip is successful. 

Don’t try to hit the minimum requirements for getting certified as a truck driver. Aim to be the best driver you can be. If there are areas you know are weaknesses, turn them into strengths. This can help you be seen as one of the best drivers and get regular referrals from clients for businesses looking for great drivers.


We’ve shared the numerous benefits of being a truck driver, like:\

  • Benefits
  • Travel opportunities
  • Satisfaction

It’s an excellent field for great people, including yourself. If you feel up to it, look into truck driver recruiting. Join this great society, and find out how many beautiful things the open road offers you. hopes that this article addresses Life is Good as a Truck Driver  in great detail. Feel free to add your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

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