May 15, 2019
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Benefits of Working for a Large Trucking Company

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Why work for a large trucking company as opposed to a smaller outfit?

You’ve got a lot riding on your shoulders as you choose which trucking company to work for. Generating the best income for your skills remains paramount as you sift offers, think over your driving preferences, and consider your goals for your truck driving career. You’ve researched job statistics with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are some reasons to select working for a large trucking firm:

  • More opportunities in the order pool so you can choose assignments: dry run, reefer, flatbed, or specialized
  • A more substantial assortment of trucks to drive
  • Maintenance department retains mechanics available 24/7, whether at the home base or through company connections to repair shops on the road
  • Excellent benefit packages are offered in larger companies
  • In the case of burnout at one position, there is a more significant opportunity to transfer within the company laterally and not lose benefits
  • More prominent companies tend to be nationwide and present jobs catered to the proximity of your home
  • Established larger companies offer training to develop your skills

What do truckers want most?

As you can see, the first on the list presents the independence that truckers yearn for: the right to choose the perfect job. As your value increases to a large trucking company, your worth will be recognized. For instance, you’ve recently completed a reefer run from the docks of Charleston to the port of New Orleans. You have had your fill of keeping fish fresh. The pool presents a flatbed assignment of trucking covered pallets of dry goods from New Orleans through the Arkansas hills to Little Rock. It’s perfect for your situation, and the job is yours.

What is the perfect vehicle?

Next, to independence, an adequate vehicle remains a premier requirement for doing the job you signed up for. Whether it’s a Peterbilt or a rig from another reputable company, a larger trucking firm affords a fleet of tractors and trailers to make truck driving easier. For example, drop and hook capability increases when you, as a paid by the mile truck driver, save time by dropping your trailer at the customer and immediately grab another trailer belonging to your company and get back on the road.

Large trucking companies lock up the vital question of maintenance by retaining mechanics at shops that often are open 24/7. Unforeseen vehicle glitches arise with both large and small companies, but only large companies have the resources to provide a truck driver with reliable support such as accounts serving around the clock mechanical help, towing, stays at motels, truck stop amenities, and contacts with the all-important customer.

How about benefits?

Tangible benefits such as a better rate of consistent pay, 401k program, and varying sorts of insurance packages tilt many drivers towards large firms. There are more personal benefits, too, such as recognition for performance, bonuses, and even paid time off. Your outstanding work speaks for you, and good companies listen.

What about the future?

Since high volume employers tend to encourage drivers to develop their potential, they offer courses to further your career. For instance, your future holds a new baby that makes you plan to stay home on a more regular basis. A trailer mechanic course enables you to have more meaningful choices in working for your company in the home yard. You proved yourself valuable to your company, and they want to keep you around. A nationwide or large regional company with many offices offers employment geared to the proximity of your home. In case you tire of one job, you are in the perfect position to apply for a lateral transfer to a new job that doesn’t require you to change companies and lose benefits you have earned.

If you desire more adventure, work for a large company to see more territory than you thought possible. From the plains to the Gulf, from the Atlantic seaboard to Puget Sound, you can discover our country’s beauty while a large company supports you. Choose to work for a larger firm, and you won’t look back.

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